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Ballcarriers would have to be touched by a defender to be ruled down.The ProblemOffenses are hindered at the college level because the ground acts as authentic Wes Welker Jersey the 12th man on the field for the defense. In the NFL, an offensive player can fall to the ground, then get up and continue advancing the ball as long as he remains untouched by defenders. In college, the field acts as an additional tackler. Unlike in the NFL, not all fields are in pristine condition at the college level. When a player stumbles in college, it could be a function of poor field conditions more Orange Navy White ladies Mens Kids [Team All] Jerseys than anything. Offensive players should not be penalized because the field was not managed correctly.My SolutionThe same rule that exists in the NFL should apply in college. A player should be ruled down only authentic Wes Welker Jersey Orange Navy White ladies Mens Kids [Team All] Jerseys if a defender knocks him to the ground or if a defender touches him while his knee is on the ground. Reward players who make acrobatic catches. If a receiver makes a diving catch in the open field, he should not be penalized because his catch required a dive. Allow him to advance the ball as long as he is not touched.Why ItWill WorkThe rule works just fine in the NFL. Plus, the NCAA is looking to give offenses advantages. Kickoffs were moved back five yards to the 30 this season. The oft-criticized 2006 rule that started the clock as soon as the ball was kicked off was changed to allow for more late-game comebacks. On kickoffs and punts, sometimes the best way to field errant kicks is with a knee on the ground. Under the current rule, doing so would down the ball where the knee touches the field. Under the NFL rule, a kick returner would still have an opportunity to return the ball and put his team in better field position, which is another advantage for offenses.#botPromoStrip background: #fff url(‘’) no-repeat; padding: 7px 10px; margin: 5px 0 10px 0;More in the Sports SectionTerrapins InsiderGet the latest updates on Maryland basketball and football.Recruiting InsiderJosh Barr keeps you in the loop on the local and national prep talent.D.C. Sports BogDan Steinberg gives you an inside look at all of your favorite local teams.

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